in reply to Do you smoke tobacco?

I started smoking for the most retarded reason ever. At the time, you had to be 17 in order to purchase tobacco products and I had just turned 17. I wanted to show off my ID but the only "privilege" one got at that age was purchasing tobacco. So I did. I bought a pack of cigarettes, and put them in my glove box. Well, I am the sort of person who doesn't like to let anything go to waste, so when I was cleaning out the car about a week later I decided to smoke them instead of throw them away. That started the downward spiral. I wish I had chunked 'em now, but I dont blame anyone except myself for my stupid addiction.

As for smoking bans, I have mixed feelings about them. As a smoker, I am obviously biased BUT I feel that privately owned establishmenst should not be considered public places. It should be up to the owner to determine who they wish to have as customers.

But again, I'm a smoker and addicted. I am sure I am biased ;)