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by Kzin (Acolyte)
on Sep 08, 2004 at 22:03 UTC ( #389489=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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Kzin's Perl BLOG
21 SEPT 2004 - Acolyte!

Wow, after coming back from the Okanagan for my grandfather's birthday (very stressful, lots of family politics) I found I was an acolyte (skipped a level), credit due mostly to the fantastic response to my While ( True ) post. Thanks guys! I really appreciate it. It really helps the fact that I forgot my jacket, which contained my car keys and wallet in the Okanagan. I had to bus to work today, and have absolutley no money for groceries. Oy, what will I do without the jolt cola!

Thanks again for the support guys and gals

14 SEPT 2004 - S‎crip‎t Headache

I think I am coming down with something, feel a little ill. My post Perl & Regex hasn't received any more replies, but I need them desperatley to get these s‎crip‎ts to work. However, I am quite proud of the instant response to my poetic post While ( True ). No replies, but it seems to be a little popular based on the reputation.

I was filling out my KPI, a dreaded sheet on which we have to monitor every waking (and not so waking) moment of our lives here at work. I am missing 1.5 hours of it, not sure where that time went, I can't remember what I was fixing. Oy, going to have to figure out how to explain that to the boss.

Favorite post I read today was Day after day, I love the exec line at the end ;-). Oh yeah and I have to get one of the shirts mentioned in reply to Hamlet by xCodexWarriorx .

That is all.

9 SEPT 2004 - Slacking Off

Well, for some reason I feel that it is necessary to document my time here in the Monastery. I spent time today on my little home node here, and hacked up a quick and dirty PM entry box. Note that it is very dirty as it doesn't return you to my page when it is done sending.

I made some minor posts here and there, I would like to get some votes to really get up there in the community, but I am still in the process of learning perl, so it may take some time. I am one of those learn the language as you go guys, which usually makes for messy code at first. Oh well what can you do?

At any rate, I was supposed to be working on some perl s‎crip‎ts, but instead I was doing that. And I am still supposed to be doing it, so I guess I will get back to work.

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