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Okay, I see several possible problems here. First, though, some protocol issues:

1) protocol, not protocall
2) Perl, not PERL
3) a lot, not 'alot'. (You wouldn't write 'alittle', would you?)
4) You did include an awful lot of stuff from the script, but no information about the system, nor about where you got the script. Those would have been helpful. You also didn't say what the script is doing. I assume it isn't working, but are there any error messages? Does it send mail, but it's empty? What exactly is the problem?

We really need the answer to 4) before we can help you. What happens when the form is submitted? Also, if you log on to the Web server via command line, what happens if you do:

perl -wc ./

Lastly, let's confirm a few things for you:

1) /usr/sbin/sendmail is correct for $MailProgram.

2) As long as you used only WordPad or Notepad to edit the file, your mailer should not have done anything strange with it. If you're worried about newlines, log on to the Web server via SSH (or - egad! - Telnet) and run pico -w or, if they don't have pico, try nano -w Once you have the file open, press Ctrl-O, Enter, Ctrl-X. If you had any newline/carriage return weirdness, it'll be gone.

3) All of the other variables in the 'configurable' part of the script are just strings used to construct the messages, so it doesn't really matter if they're correct or not.

So the only thing that comes to mind is, if you log on to the Web server and run /usr/sbin/sendmail -t, what does it do? If nothing appears to happen, but you don't get your prompt back, that's probably good. (Press Ctrl-C to abort sendmail.) If not, what happens instead?

Also, what did you use to FTP the file up to the server? Windows' command-line FTP util? Did you remember to use binary mode (type 'bin')? If not, you should send the file again (just overwrite the previous copy), making sure to use binary mode.


Update: Added suggestion re: binary mode FTP.