in reply to How do YOU find the answer to your question?

A typical scenario for me:

I'll first go over a problem mentally and do some simple debugging. If that reveals nothing, and if I have any inkling of an idea what my problem is related to, I'll try `perldoc'. If that fails to give me anything or if I feel I need a better explanation, I'll do a 'Super Search' here. If I can't find anything useful here, I'll Google for it; usually doing a 'group:comp.lang.perl.misc' search on Google Groups first, and then a general web search thereafter. Finally, if I still can't find anything, I'll post a question here. Many times, just getting my question/problem out of my head and onto something in front of me will reveal the answer.

I'm a musician, and not a programmer, by trade. I program in my spare time because I enjoy it, so I don't have the luxury of asking a co-worker, and none of my friends are programmers. This leaves me with only documentation and the internet for assistance.