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I smoke, but only if there are non-smokers present, preferably children and their mothers. The only reason I smoke is annoy people. I love to smoke just next to the non-smoking section of a restaurant. Sometimes I add some wool or cotton to my tobacco to make it smell more. Anyone who requests me to stop I accuse of taking away my freedom.

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Re: Can't get enough of it
by rdfield (Priest) on Sep 02, 2004 at 16:31 UTC
    One day you'll meet someone who doesn't give a fig about your "freedom" to pollute the atmosphere because their freedom from breathing carcinogenic air is a much stronger argument, and will physically do something about it. And you won't like it. Not one little bit.


      Would that be someone who drives a car, or buys food that has been hauled to the shops in trucks using big stinking engines?