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Re^2: Strange MySQL Problem

by tyndyll (Novice)
on Aug 18, 2004 at 09:01 UTC ( #383897=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Strange MySQL Problem
in thread Strange MySQL Problem

What is the best way to implement the shell script? I am using my desktop machine for this at the moment (proof of concept) so will hopefully be moving to a Linux server afterwards... Is there a method of doing this so I don't have to rewrite the script?

Also, does anyone have any idea why the Insert is failing? I've tried using sleep to no avail. I have noticed however that the average row length is 582 when inserted using MySQL.. don't know if that helps at all..

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Re^3: Strange MySQL Problem
by dragonchild (Archbishop) on Aug 18, 2004 at 14:07 UTC
    Use Cygwin.

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