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I think this is a very good point. There should be a way for real people to exchange job information without having the slime of recruiters leak in. And PM seems to be the perfect place for that.

Consider my current job situation as an example of how something like this would help. I have a "Perl nirvana" job right now; it's everything I could wish for. And in fact, I've already had the chance to hire two Perl programmers, and hope to very soon be able to add more. It's cheaper for the company to not go through recruiters (I got one programmer from the Portland Perl Mongers list, and one from the Portland Linux User Group list), and it's better money for the programmer (a year ago, I thought I was doing well making $45/hr until I found out that the company I was working for was paying $75/hr to the recruiting agency). So, when we're ready to expand again, to be able to come to PM and tell people that I have some great positions would be wonderful.

And on the other side of things, I'll have to be looking for a job myself soon. Not because there's anything wrong with my current one, but because my girlfriend graduates in May and we're planning to move to NY (damn theatre people :-) ). I've decided not to ever work with recruiters again, which makes finding jobs in an unknown city rather a lot harder. But I also know that there are some Monks in the city, and to be able to let people know that I might be looking to find something would be great.

So from my point of view, letting job issues become a part of this community can do nothing but good, as long as we can keep it between programmers.

-dlc, who wonders if he's made his hatred of recruiters clear :-)