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Re: Worst Nodes and Making Lemonade

by NovMonk (Chaplain)
on Jul 29, 2004 at 20:38 UTC ( #378502=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Worst Nodes and Making Lemonade

I have a confession to make, brothers and sisters. When I first came to this site and began lurking, the Worst Nodes section was one of the few places I could go when the strain of trying to learn Perl from the tutorials, or to even understand some of the wisdom at the Monastery Gates, got to be too much. People as clueless as I was!! Some even more so. And occasionally, someone over-harshly treated that, when I got votes of my own, I could ++ and help in my own limited way.

I agree with idsfa100%. But in addition to the benefits mentioned, I have to say that while I spend a lot less time there now, that location has been valuable to me, because it makes this community more real, somehow. All families have their black sheep, all villages their idiots. And some of the people who fill that role outgrow it. It's good to be reminded that Perl is not just about being a technical language, but also a group of imperfect people who use it, some better, and some much worse than others. I think so, anyway.

++ for the thread, idsfa.



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