Let's face it, there is some real garbage in Worst Nodes. Even neglecting the reaped nodes, there is rarely much of value to be found there. More often than not you will find stupidity, anger, selfishness, arrogance and a pile of homework questions. It has been discussed before here if we should even chuck the whole thing.

Instead, I decided to (mentally) repurpose the section. If a node title strikes my interest, or I see an author there whom I didn't expect, I'll open the node and jump to the top of the thread. While the node that brought me there may be USDA Grade Poor, more often than you might think I have found insightful nodes lying right next to it.

I'll give an example, with apologies in advance to Juerd (please don't -- him). This node adds nothing. But looking through the thread you'll see it was Front Paged and contains many useful comments.

So I invite my fellow monks to treat Worst Nodes as a recycling center rather than a landfill. Find the good posts you might have missed and give the -- button a rest.

A paranom of virtue.