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Re: My preferred source of caffeine is...

by Paulster2 (Priest)
on Jul 15, 2004 at 10:57 UTC ( #374602=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to My preferred source of caffeine is...

While I chose "I/V Drip", I believe another category should be added, that being Mt Dew, as it seems to be the programmers drink of chioce.

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Re^2: My preferred source of caffeine is...
by csuhockey3 (Curate) on Jul 15, 2004 at 15:13 UTC
    I prefer good old fashion Coca-Cola as opposed to Dew, so I voted pop just the same. It's also easier to drink something like pop instead of coffee when you are eatin' caffeine mints/gum.


      I prefer good old fashion Coca-Cola as opposed to Dew (...) It's also easier to drink something like pop instead of coffee (...)

      /me agrees. It's also easier to drink something caffeinated but cold during the spring / summer, especially for those of us who think that 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit is hot. :) Temperature issues notwithstanding, however, espresso is definitely my favourite.

        I am definately the chugging type - a can might last 3-4 'sips' for me, thus cold drinks are a much more efficient way for me to get my caffeine fix!


      IIRC, Coca-Cola (and certainly Dew) have more caffeine than an average cup of coffee. So you're probably getting quite a bit more caffeine from pop+mints than from coffee+mints.

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        No, a typical can of soda has between half and 1/3 the caffeine of a cup of coffee (also, note that a can of soda is much larger volume, so if you're going by concentration then the difference between soda and coffee is even higher). A quick google could correct me, but off the top of my head:
        • can coke: high 30s mg caffeine
        • can MtDew: 50-55 mg caffeine
        • can diet coke: ~45 mg caffeine (note: considerably higher than regular coke)
        • cup coffee: 100-110 mg caffeine
        The IC50 lethal dose of caffeine being about 5 grams (50 cups of coffee or 100 cans of dew).

        The thing that makes MtDew deliver such a supreme kick in the ass is the combination of sugar and caffeine. Since MtDew is about the only thing I drink with sugar in it (only diet for other sodas, and no sugar in my coffee), the difference of the sugar is usually much greater than the difference in the caffeine... also, I have a prety high tollerance to caffeine at this point. Anyway, what this means is: I drink coffee out of necessity; I drink mountain dew for effect!

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