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I don't see why you can't use Ant in a perl environment... I actually think it would be worth it to write some ant extentions for perl, since it does handle a lot of build type problems elegently, especially when you need to deploy something enterprise wise... /me ducks.

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Re^2: make/deploy tool for perl scripts
by johnnywang (Priest) on Jul 14, 2004 at 18:01 UTC
    Actually I did use Ant for doing some perl stuff since I need to work with java for other projects, but Ant has its own problems (e.g., most declaritive using xml, can't really program it, for example, doing some conditional or looping is pretty hard, or too verbose to be elegant). I'm looking for something that go beyond simple copy/move, for example, easy cvs, tar/zip integration, global replace, target dependencies, etc., basically something that does what Ant does but also allows scripting. (I think the Ant community was/is considering adding some scripting capabilities, say via jython.) Thanks again for all the inputs.
      When you work with a tool like Perl that can do anything it can be difficult to step down to a more focused tool like Ant.

      If you reimpliment Ant in Perl, I suggest you call it Pants :-) No one likes it when you bring Ants to the party, but you can't come to the party without Pants.

      Or something like that.
        You just aren't going to the right parties, then...

        Wolfger, veteran of the Pennsic "men without pants" party
      I think the Ant community was/is considering adding some scripting capabilities

      Already done with the script and scriptdef tasks :-)