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As a complete aside, if you're really worried about sudden storms etc, you may wish to consider paying $5 anually to They have a capability to automatically send you email for when there are weather alerts in your area. The advantage of using this service over your script, is that if your home pc goes down because of a thunderstorm, you would still get the warning... They have a really nice selection of weather output, including for non-us locations. (Note, I'm not affiliated with this site, just an FYI.)

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Re^2: Weather Forecasts emailed to cell phone
by davido (Cardinal) on Jul 02, 2004 at 15:23 UTC

    Actually the whole thing is mostly moot: The boat's VHF radio has something like eight channels on which to receive NOAA weather forecasts and current conditions, including marine conditions such as wave height and swells data.

    And if the boat's VHF isn't handy, my FRS radio has the same weather channels.

    I have found that the easiest to use source, however, is, as it displays both regular forecast data and marine information, including small craft advisories.

    And of course, I live in Southern California, where weather problems are rare anyway. Still, I found the exercise of putting together this little script to be educational and fun. I think I may take the time to add better command-line argument handling with Getopt::Long.