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Don't bother. Really. I don't have a need for this. The point of what I talked about was that it is a better interface that is trivial. Just change user settings to include a link to the fancy stuff instead of inlining it.

I will bother. I like the idea. At leastone person besides yourself has said it would be nice so I'm perfectly happy to make you both happy. Im not one of these black/white types. I see the world in multiples shades of grey. You want one I havent provided then im happy to do it. Just ask :-) And considering how small you think it should be it shouldnt be a big deal to do.

It appears the comment was...

Well, i guess if you searched through the CB records to see then you must be right. I constrained myself to reviewing the wiki and any relvent posts.

I'll try to avoid discussing your ideas in the chatterbox in future so there is a written record so you can go reread ("use a text box") later,

Well my memory isnt so hot so leaving me reviewable notes is a very good idea. Though I dont see why you shouldnt discuss things with me in the cb, considering that the last chunk of changes ive made have been the result of various comments in the CB.

Look, at the time that we are discussing I was pretty upset. I might not have reacted as I would now. If you really want to get into a discussion about those discussions we can, but I think its more productive to just admit that demerphq didnt get the point and produced something more complex than tye felt was necessary. Thats ok. You didnt do the work so it doesnt cost you anything, and im more than prepared to throw all that work away (as I have become resigned to doing wrt TS) if folks do think that the simpler approach is better.

And i think we see the issue of review of differently. I didnt say that i expect a fine comb code analysis, I just want some paragraphs of useful comments. Like "well maybe a simpler implementation with just a text box is better." Now you say you said this and I didnt hear it. For that im sorry. But going forward, brief notes such as that would be very helpful.

Thanks for explaining the "display the top/bottom N links" feature.

No problem.

What makes the personal nodelet unique is that it is always there.

I don't follow this exactly. I get the rest of your point but not that.

Thanks again for your efforts.

tye, its my pleasure. Can i just say that in my opinion you and have somewhat different throught processes. I have a huge amount of respect for you, your work, and your opinions. But I dont always get your points right off. Since (even if i say it myself) I'm not all that stupid I think this suggests that way we approach problems and describe them to each other is different. So if you would just bear with me not always getting your points right off then i'd appreciate it. Likewise when I dont think your getting my point (as has happened a few times :-) then ill work on explaining it. I know you are a busy man, but you also are a very terse communicator who seems to get impatient if folks dont see your points immediately. Please try to exercise some patience when dealing with me in particular and the rest of pmdev in general. We dont all have your breadth of experience (PM and otherwise) and as such things that blatantly smokingly obvious to you are about as clear mud to the rest of us.

We both have the same motivations for working on the site so ultimately im sure we can figure out way to procede without annoying each other. If you have tasks you want me to look into, and whatever, then say the word. I still have you Super Search style type links on my todo list, as well as few other nits in other stuff that a I remember you mentioning (although I dont remember exactly as the list is at home.)

Id just like to say that however you slice we arent worse off for my contributions. I havent opened any security holes, I havent lost any data, and I havent broken anything (that i havent fixed right after anyway). So the worst thing that you can say is that ive applied a patch that is about 1000 lines that in your opinion should be 20. So maybe we have to maintain more code than we would if i had gone your route. Overall id say thats not the biggest deal. And its easily fixed.

Cheers tye. Really I dont set out to deliberately annoy you, even if thats the way it might seem. :-)


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