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  1. It might turn into a reasonable discussion on compactness vs. complexity if people don't reflexively consider-for-delete it when they read the author's name.
  2. Ignoring uncomfortable points of view like "Perl is losing popularity" isn't exactly the healthiest way of fighting them.
  3. "I don't like Wassercrat" isn't a good reason to try to reap a given post.
  4. It's bound to provoke a "community standards vs. free speech" debate, either in the CB or a set of posts, and lower the signal:noise ratio far more than just letting this post slide.
  5. It'd be a waste of the editors' time.
  6. There is no reason number six.
  7. Nobody who's advocated deleting this node has given a good reason beyond shouting "it sucks!" as loud as they can. (I'm not considering dragonchild's reply here, as it at least begins to address the node's content.)
    Edit: Clarification: dragonchild's post doesn't advocate deleting the OP, which is why I'm not considering it. It also happens to attack the OP's content, which I think is a nice touch. I'm not ignoring it simply because it's a counterexample to my argument. :-)

Or were you just being sarcastic, hoping to score some points based on Wassercrat's bad reputation?

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