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Or, if you don't want to use a module, you could try this solution:
#!/usr/local/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Data::Dumper; chomp(my @data = <DATA>); my $in_section = 0; my @source_go = (); my $record = {}; foreach my $line (@data) { if ($line =~ /^\[([^]]+)\]/ and not $in_section) { $record->{app} = $1; $in_section = 1; } elsif ($line =~ /^\[([^]]+)\]/ and $in_section and not exists $record->{path}) { # We found a section start, but no Script_Path parameter to go # with it. Warn and continue on the current section. warn("No Script_Path for " . $record->{app} . "\n"); $record->{app} = $1; $in_section = 1; } elsif ($line =~ /^Script_Path=(.+)/) { $record->{path} = $1; push @source_go, $record; $record = {}; $in_section = 0; } } print Dumper(\@source_go); __DATA__ [Microsoft MediaPlayer Settings 1.0] Script_Path=apps\microsoft\mediaplayersettings\1.0\go\mediaplayersetti +ngs10.go Information=Go Success Install_Start_Time=05/26/2004 5:55:36 PM Install_End_Time=05/26/2004 5:55:40 PM [Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer v1.5] Script_Path=apps\microsoft\journalviewer\1.5\go\journalviewer.go UTC_Timestamp=06/03/2003 17:04:10 GoScript_Checksum=66665 Install_Start_Time=05/26/2004 5:58:24 PM Install_End_Time=05/26/2004 5:58:34 PM [Company RAC 1.0] Script_Path=apps\company\remoteaccessclient\1.0\go\uninstallvs.go UTC_Timestamp=03/03/2003 18:19:05 GoScript_Checksum=175108 Product version=1.0 PM [Microsoft Resource Kit v1.0] GoScript_Checksum=69503 Product version=1.0 Install_End_Time=05/26/2004 6:00:42 PM [Microsoft Remote Console Setup v2.02] Script_Path=apps\company\msreskitxp\go\rcsetup.go UTC_Timestamp=05/24/2002 01:19:33 GoScript_Checksum=56813 [Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP 1.00] Script_Path=apps\microsoft\powertoysforwindowsxp\1.00\go\powertoysforw +indowsxp100.go
It's not extensively tested, but seems to work fine.


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Re^3: filtering a text file
by Anonymous Monk on Jun 14, 2004 at 21:37 UTC

    You tout me something very useful, I will use this code over and over again thought my Perl life, I am sure.

    I will post the final code once I finish it tomorrow,...hopefully!

    Regards of the highiest order.