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Every programming language has it's niche, just remember that. I love perl to death, and it is a great language, but that's no reason to drop the others! Hack the hell out of perl, I know that I do! Just remember that you're not going to be writing a GL app in it any time soon.

Also, we should remember that k-locks are NOT a good way to measure the size of a program! Just think of a lisp program. I've written HUGE lisp programs, that are technically only 1 line of lisp code, though I did use returns and tabs to delimit for my own sanity!

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RE: RE: How big is yours?
by Caillte (Friar) on Oct 12, 2000 at 22:09 UTC
    Heh ;) I'm reminded of the COBOL program I did at college. It was 600 lines in the end... 597 lines of variable declaration and 3 lines of code ;)