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My end goal is to keep advancing myself professionally. I really enjoy being just a developer right now. But I don't want to be a pure developer forever. I want the chance to gain more leadership experience, which usually means you have to climb the ladder a bit or strike out on your own. That leadership experience is one of the things I see more and more of as a requirement for "Senior Developer" positions, so it's a bit of a catch-22. You can't get the experience w/o moving up the ladder, but it's not easy getting to the first step so you can start climbing.

The project I mentioned is one I've been sitting on for a year that should be interesting both from the standpoint of developing a business around it and technically (ie. the problems are not trivial to solve and will require a bit of thinking outside the box).

Outside of coding, I intend to do a lot of sailing/canoeing/kayaking this summer. I'm going to get outside more - something I don't do nearly enough these days. Being outdoors and "experiencing" nature really energizes me, but at this point I'm unsure of how I can use that to advance myself professionally.