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Re: win32::ole and word

by WhiteBird (Hermit)
on Jun 07, 2004 at 04:14 UTC ( #361864=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to win32::ole and word

It's not clear to me what you are trying to accomplish. Are you just wanting to write text into a new word document, or are you trying to append text into an already existing document? I've used Win32::OLE before, but never these two methods.

I find it interesting to play around with various arrangements of the code to see what results. I can get the typetext method to work if I code it like this:

my $range = $wordtarget->{Content}; $range->InsertAfter("Insert After"); $range = $word->Selection(); $range->TypeText("typetext method");

I notice that even though the "Insert After" is called first, the typetext text is printed first. Since I don't know what you are want to do exactly, I can't be much more help than that. Either keep playing around with what you've got, or post a little more detail. You're probably on the right track if you just keep reading the FAQs and documentation on Win32::OLE.

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