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I wrote this small perl code to count the visitors in my web page, I have placed it in Apache directory`s cgi-bin folder, but everything (SSI commands, XTML) is working except the perl part, it doesn`t even show up, for perl section "an error occured while processing this directive" appears, could you check the below code and tell me where I went wrong?
#!/usr/bin/perl # Program to track the number of times # a Web page has been accessed. use CGI qw( :standard ); open( COUNTREAD, "counter.dat" ); $data = <COUNTREAD>; $data++; close( COUNTREAD ); open( COUNTWRITE, ">counter.dat" ); print( COUNTWRITE $data ); close( COUNTWRITE ); print( header(), "<div style = \"text-align: center; font-weight: bold\">" ); print( "You are visitor number", br() ); for ( $count = 0; $count < length( $data ); $count++ ) { $number = substr( $data, $count, 1 ); print( { $number }, "\n" ); }
I appreciate it...