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particle's scratchpad

by particle (Vicar)
on Jun 01, 2004 at 14:35 UTC ( [id://358098] : scratchpad . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

once i sort these, i'll post them on my homenode...


How to make a CPAN Module Distribution


Programming Laws
Good Coding?
The Joy of Test
Mock Objects
where do you put your subs
Security Standards
Professional Employees and Works for Hire

Cool Code:

RE: Perl Monks Newest 10 Nodes Grabber

Site Stuff:

Nodes to consider
Editor Requests
Message Inbox

Filehandle Filter
'our' is not 'my'
Re: tr///
Re: How would you shorten this regexp conditional?
A demanding parser
Passing a complex array to a function
Defining a subroutine in another package
Re: Module Submission for CPAN
using CGI, DBI and HTML::Template (a mini tutorial with example code)
Run commands in parallel
Security with open() in CGI scripts
Adding autoloaded methods to symbol table with using strict refs
Taken out of Context
IPC::Open3 woes
Struggling for puzzles and projects?
Filehandle Filter
Introduction to Tree::DAG_Node
RE: Double Interpolation of a String
Re: Slurp a file
Node Tracker
How do I insert a line into a file? - a new pragma to declare global constants
Data structures drive logic! (was Re3: Passing / evaluating / dieing on one line...)
CGI Design
Program configuration in the OOP world
Why I hate File::Find and how I (hope I) fixed it
It doesn't mean what you think it means
Re: method of ID'ing
Re: Optimizing Output
•Re: Source files, packages and name spaces
Beast of the Number: Parsing the Feral Phone
Re: Bulk Hash Assignment
Guide to Building Secure Web Applications and Web Services
Quicker array processing
Scratch Pad Poster
Re: Writing a web message board from scratch
Answer: Cookie based authentication: Is it secure?
What shortcuts can I use for linking to other information?
debugging trick of the week: fatal warnings
The fine art of database programming
O'Reilly Perl and XML Book Available
OT: Distributed sky watching
lvalue subs return undef, playing with experimental features, the End of the World, etc
Performance Question
Using IE to render html
forking/envleloping/Mulipart Mime Newsletter Mailer
One Sigil to Hack them All . . .
Re: Jumping out of a partially read file
use strict, strange behavior with single character variables
Safe CSS Stylesheets
Seeking configuration language for rules based system.
Re: copy a directory
DBI abstraction
Post-increments, overloaded mutators, and reference counts
Re: Re: Re: Re: Using doublequotes in a system call
Re: RegEx to filter \s not between labels
Genetic algorithms
(jeffa) Re: XML for databases?!?! Is it just me or is the rest of the world nutz?
(Win32): vmail - edit Outlook email in VIM
MySQL backup
Slashdot headlines a code sample for Spreadsheet::ParseExcel
Re: Xerces XML parser
(crazyinsomniac) Re: Multiple tasks in same_script, or multiple_scripts?
Why Closures?
Productivity and Perl
OT: MySQL performance when the problem isn't Perl
SOLUTION: Space Invaders
Parrot 0.0.6 released
Win32 programming resources
Lat/Long distance calculator
Re: Re: Re: Parse Email
Automated software testing: emulation of interfaces using Test::MockObject
Pod and AxKit based Wiki
Perl 6 needs you!
Writing a large application in perl?
Many children, but never more than a fixed number at once.
Re:x2 A Regexp Assembler/Compiler (Whats a 'trie'?)
Aid for Parse::RecDescent-er(s)
Hacking CGI - security and exploitation
Browsing CVS (was: Why such little interest?)
Browsing CVS (was: Why such little interest?)
Weather Forecast CGI
Thoughts on the magicality of @_ and $_
Parsing with Perl 6
Marge - the Interactive Marginalia Processor
(jeffa) 3Re: A better mod (%) operator?
Simple way to parse whitespace separated, optionally quoted words out of a string
Nodes to consider
Message Inbox
Editor Requests
How to make a CPAN Module Distribution
References quick reference
XML::Generator::DBI Tutorial
Choosing a data structure for AI applications
The Spudgun
Crossword solver - 2 words
AutoSurfer cures boredom
use HTML; # !!!
Tk One Line Fully Functional Text Editor
Ksh style select menus in perl
Defensive Programming and Audit Trails
Multi-Threaded Elevator Simulator
Many-to-One pipe
St. Larry in Philly
What goes in a test suite?
Re: Triggering 'strict' from within a package
Yet another tool for sending out newsletters
AI::Perlog Unification help
Log Closure
Fastest I/O possible?
They didn't give me a fork so I have to eat with a spawn.
Re: sorting domains by extention
A SpamAssassin-Enabled POP3 Proxy
Are design patterns worth it?
self testing code Test::More
Perl and Prolog and Continuations... oh my! - another perl magazine
OO Perl & RDBMS Strategy Question
Meetup with other Perl folks in your area (
Wanted: Perl 6 Programmers
How to morph a plain module to OO
Secure Session Management
Perl6 Quick Reference
Win32::ole and MSWord
Cool code for your home node
Multiline log parsing (solution)
Using Template with CGI::Application
Creating constants modules
Why use <$fh> at all?
Is a Perl glossary necessary?
(bbfu) (hash, bundling, aliases) Re(2): better cli processing
How can I find the calling object?
My coding guidelines
Re: Using CVS for revision control
Perl cheat sheet
Schedule Win32 Perl Scripts with AT
Re: Re: What A Wonderful World: Bitmasks!
Decision Trees and the Strategy Design Pattern
A framework for implementing child processes performing file updates, SQL queries, and the passing of results to the parent using Parallel::ForkManager
Perl 6's part()
Micro Mocking: using local to help test subs
The "Principled Programming" Project
An informal introduction to O(N) notation
Re: Autovivification with hash of hashes
safe mysql regexes
Using two external style sheets in a script

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Re: How do I create a sort sub on-the-fly?
How to make a CPAN Module Distribution
References quick reference
XML::Generator::DBI Tutorial
The Spudgun
OT: Becoming a Modern Software Engineer
$foo->bar = 14; revisited: Attribute::Property
Notes on recent and future HTML and CSS changes
&bull;Re: &bull;Re: Swimsuit issue
Run N similar tasks in parallel
File Locking Tricks and Traps
wget style progress bar
Re: Future Programming Direction
HTTP::Daemon with SSL
Levenshtein distance: calculating similarity of strings
Zen and the Art of Match Variables
Re: Using vim for highlighting in Perl
HTML "notebook-style" tabs
Outside Links
java/c has main - perl has ?
Easy test management
&bull;Re: Surpised by foreach iterator limitation
(Perl6) Groking Continuations
A Practical Guide to Compiling C based Modules under ActiveState using Microsoft C++
Ecommerce Recommendations
Favourite modules April 2003
Beast of the Number: Parsing the Feral Phone
New switches for perl(1)
open-coding a system() operation
Converting a CSV list to a list of hashrefs naming the fields
The Gates of Perl are not newbie friendly.
Deleting a branch from a tree structure
POD in 5 minutes
(USING POE!) Re: 'better mousetrap': how to perform timed event
(jeffa) Re: WWW::Mechanize and checkboxes
perl can create Office files from Windows
Time-Slice Concurrent Ping
Lock Effectivity
Scraping PerlMonks
Re: split and sysread()
Learn to be a pmdev vigilante in 21 days!
Re: Perl Testing and Quality Assurance
Re: Read File In Four-Line Chunks / TMTOWTDI / Golf
Read and write Windows "shortcut" links
profanity here?
vienv - Edit local environment variables on Win32
Statistical Analysis via Browser
3 Examples of Multiple-Word Search n Replace
Stream of Consciousness
Using Perl and OWC to render Excel-Style Graphs
Re: Math Solver
Using vim for highlighting in Perl
Re: Confession - Getting hit with "Use it or lose it"
Get CDDB info on Win32
Scrambled Squares Puzzle
Sets Puzzle
Speeding up the DBI
<strike>Prioritization by AHP (Part I of II): Non-Techie Intro, Mostly</strike>
<strike>Prioritization by AHP (Part II of II): Geek Stuff</strike>
Re: __DATA__ read/write as configuration file
Trans-OS PONG simulator!
Re: Checksum for Windows
Stocks, Perl & Gambling Game
Project Management: Graph & Diagram for Visualizing & Analyzing Structure with GraphViz
SSL certificate generator
Variable possession after script death
Re: Heap sorting in perl
Creating a Windows shortcut file
Get O'Reilly's top 25 into Template Toolkit
DBI recipes
Re^2: Stable sorting in Perl (old)
Class::DBI and - possibly - complex data structures
Display floating point numbers in compact, fixed-width format
add "Perl XP, Testing, and Coding Training Project"

Help me to find hidden object references....
Re: Adding 2 + 2
A simple web server with HTTP::Daemon and threads - Limited lifetime network daemons
(Win32) Hard Drive Information