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Re: data inside file

by AcidHawk (Vicar)
on May 11, 2004 at 20:16 UTC ( #352576=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to data inside file

I am not sure what you are trying, but a few comments.

  • You declare my $empNUM; but later refer to $empNum - Possible Type ??
  • since you are using my try to be consistant.. so you line foreach $line (@line) would look like foreach my $line (@line)
  • instead of exiting I.e. exit 0; you might have employees to process after you found a match so instead do a next
  • So you might end up with something like

    my $empNUM; open(DATA, "data") or die ; open(UPDAT, ">updated") or die; while(<DATA>) { my @line = split(/\s+/, $_); #Assuming your file is split on multi +ple spaces..? if ($line[2] eq $empNUM){ next; } else { print UPDAT "$_"; } } close(DATA); close(UPDAT);
    Update: Removed the foreach as it is not necessary..
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