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Re: Do not feed the trolls...

by exussum0 (Vicar)
on May 07, 2004 at 17:17 UTC ( #351534=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Do not feed the trolls...

What should really be done in a situation like this?
Same as always I'd gather. Nodereaper will reap the trolls, and people go away after time if you ignore them.

As for the people who try to push group-think, i.e. "freak is prolly hacking, I wouldn't suggest answering his questions" type thing, unless he's shown some evil-ness, i.e., "i'm trying to break into yahoo", he has every right to atain knowledge. Granted, freak doesn't seem to be interacting well with others on the site. Is it his fault? The site? The counter-party? I won't argue that. So long as he asks questions that aren't dupes, which he borderlines once in a while, why NOT answer his questions? How do you know that he's not a white-hat?

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Re: Re: Do not feed the trolls...
by flyingmoose (Priest) on May 07, 2004 at 17:28 UTC
    Regardless of what he is trying to do, he did post about 8 dupes of the same thing, and while I've seen a lot of script kiddies that act as dumb as he does, I rarely see "white hat" types exhibit his lack of intelligence. Pretty obvious if you ask me. Maybe it's "l33t H@XX0R" mentality plus poor language skills in addition to the lack of intelligence, but hey, he's not trying to learn -- he's trying to use our brains instead of his own.
      Duplicate questions are bad. Agreed.

      But I've been guilty of his folly before, asking the same questions over and over because sometimes, things just don't stick right away. UTF-8 anyone?

      As for using our brains, I take it you, just like me, are here 'cause we enjoy programming and enjoy perl and learning about it. Just because a person may not "get it", which is the optimistic view, is no reason not to get used. I use my professors every nite I go to class. :) And not in THAT way.

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