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Re: Connection and Fetching

by edan (Curate)
on May 06, 2004 at 11:24 UTC ( #351068=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Connection and Fetching

No. Websites are like T.V. stations - data is constantly being 'broadcast' live over the Internet. A Web Browser is sort of like a T.V. It 'tunes in' to the right 'frequency' to get the website. The frequency is technically called an 'Address', and is specified by the 'URL' that you type into the browser.

I understand from other posts of yours that you are interested in the technology known as 'web-counters' . This works in the same way that T.V. 'viewer ratings' (or 'Nielsen Ratings') work for Television, to measure how many people are viewing the website. An independent company provides a piece of hardware that attaches to the user's browser, and records what websites he is tuned into. The values are submitted to the WebCounter headquarters, and 'ratings' are generated, which are then delivered to the 'web-count' box that you see on the web page.

Since LWP::UserAgent does not support this special hardware that attaches to the browser and records what websites you are tuned in to, you cannot simulate viewing a website with LWP::UserAgent, any more than you could increase the T.V. ratings of the hit show 'Friends' by popping a tape into your VCR and watching a taped version of last weeks show.

I sincerely hope this helps you.


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