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Re: Memory Leak when using Lingua::EN::MatchNames

by allolex (Curate)
on May 04, 2004 at 21:41 UTC ( #350587=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Memory Leak when using Lingua::EN::MatchNames

I've tried to improve your code, and I have tested what I am posting here.

You have a couple of problems. The first one is that you are creating a number of unnecessary arrays with your extra foreach loops. I've tried to optimize that by using keys with hashes as opposed to creating temporary lookup arrays, and then creating a subroutine to handle reading in the files, etc. When you're done with a file, it is a good idea to close it to avoid leaving dangling filehandles.

The other thing has already been pointed out. If you look at the Lingua::EN::MatchNames documentation, you can see it expects fn1, ln1, fn1, ln2. I fixed that, kind of (see my comment). The name_eq() function will return undef if there is no possible match, so I adding handling for that as well. That accounts for the "uninitialized value" warnings.

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Lingua::EN::MatchNames; my $termfile = shift; my $userfile = shift || die "Usage: $0 TERMFILE USERFILE\n"; my %curlookup = getlist($userfile); my %termlookup = getlist($termfile); open my $dfh, ">", "dup.$userfile"); foreach my $termusername (keys %termlookup) { NameComp( $termlookup{$termusername} ) } close $dfh; # getlist takes a filename as an argument sub getlist { my $filename = shift; my $counter; my %results; open my $fh, "<", "$filename"; while ( <$fh> ) { chomp; ++$counter; next unless m/[A-Za-z]/; $results{$counter} = $_; print "Adding user $counter $_ from file \'$filename\' to hash +\n"; } close $fh; return %results; } sub NameComp { # no parens, this is not a function prototype my $compname = shift; foreach my $curusername (keys %curlookup) { print "Comparing \'$compname\' to \'$curlookup{$curusername}\' +\n"; # This method is not good because it assumes a ' FN -SPACE- LN + ' format my @compname = split /\s+/, $compname; my @curname = split /\s+/, $curlookup{$curusername}; my $name_score = name_eq( $compname[0], $compname[1], +$curname[0], $curname[1] ); if ( $name_score ) { if ( $name_score >= 80 ) { print "Found Match $curlookup{$curusername} with a sco +re of $name_score.\n\n"; } } else { print "\t\tNo possible match.\n\n"; } } }

Best of luck to you.

Damon Allen Davison

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