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OK, now that we know what version you're running, go ahead and add these things at the top of your programs for the time being:

use strict; # Helps to prevent a few common coding + # "mistakes" use warnings; # Turns on "lexically-scoped" warnings, # a bit better than -w use diagnostics; # Makes error messages more helpful

If I had known about Diagnostics from the beginning, I would have saved myself so much work... ;)

Update: Fixed improper capitalization as pointed out by the nice AM.

Damon Allen Davison

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Re: Re3: Character class question
by Anomynous Monk (Scribe) on Apr 25, 2004 at 23:50 UTC
    The proper invocation is use diagnostics;. With the capital D, it will fail to find the module on case-sensitive filesystems. On case-insensitive filesystems, where is the same file as, you will not get an error loading the module, but the import method that enables diagnostics won't be called (because Diagnostics->import is called instead, which doesn't exist.)