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my %new_hash; my $some_key1 = 1234; my @some_array1 = qw/Name1 Email1 Age1/; $new_hash{$some_key1} = [@some_array1]; my $some_key2 = 1235; my @some_array2 = qw/Name2 Email2 Age2/; $new_hash{$some_key2} = [@some_array2]; for ( keys %new_hash ) { my @value_array = @{$new_hash{$_}}; print "Key is $_ and Second element of array is $value_array[1]\n" +; }

You should read perlreftut, perllol, perlref, and perldsc... it'll take you a couple hours, but it will really help your understanding of references.