At my work we had a very loose testing set-up which mostly consisted of manual results checking of test program output and extensive trace/debug messages (to follow program flow). It has worked for us for a while now, but has never been efficient by any stretch of the imagination. There was however a sense of security (probably a false one really) that our eyes had poured over this and we were all sure the programs worked as advertised. But recently I have discovered Test::More while preparing my first CPAN module, and I have to say it was love at first sight.

My first module on CPAN had 37 tests, the second 448. I have also recently started to convert our in-house (eventually to be released) OO-framework over to Test::More style testing, and I currently have 2452 tests (spread over 91 files, the framework itself is approx. 150 modules), and thats only testing the interfaces, not implementations yet.

My question/point-of-meditation for the group is;

Here is a list of some of the things I have been doing, which to me make sense, but I wonder if I am just gone Testing-slap-happy.

I basically trust nothing and test everything, and I am worried I am going to far, but then again, I wonder if you can go too far.

I have collected some other good Testing related nodes, links, etc. as well (and I am sure there are more), all of which provided me much insight of late as to how to test. But none seemed to suggest how much to test (and when it was too much).