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So I was watching it last night, waiting for my pizza to cook, and my experimental uber-coffee drink to brew (And waiting for Star Trek Voyager to come on) And it showed one of the races. I think it might have been the 500 meter or something. So anyway I noticed that one of the racers was the representative from Mozambique. Now whenever I'm offered a chance to name something, I always pick weird, strange names. I named my plant "Mozambique" a few years ago, and as such, I decided that I'd root for her over the American. My roomate, a non-geek who watches incessantly is American through and through. She says she LIKES NBC's coverage. (I pointed her here)

Anyway, the race got started, and for a while the Mozambique runner was in fourth. She then dropped back to sixth, and I despaired. But then I kept cheering her on, and my roomate kept cheering the American. She pulled ahead and won the gold! I had never felt better! My roomate asked me why I wanted Mozambique to win so badly, and didn't seem to accept the answer of "Because I named my plant after their country, and have always liked that name". The announcer then came on to say that this person had competed in four olympics before this, but hadn't won anything. They also went on to say that this was the first time the country of Mozambique had ever won in this event. I smiled and went to hack more perls in the other room.

What does this teach us? That being a perl monk / geek / madman gives you reality warping powers and that you can make anything happen with enough willpower.

Well enough of this babble. I'm long winded even when I'm recounting anecdotes that nobody wants to hear.