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I rarely vote these days. Only when its very good/bad. Once in blue moon I'll see a thread I like and upvote the whole thing. I also occasionally have a look in worst nodes for things that shouldnt be there. And to be honest there are certain, very few, people who I upvote regardless (they don't know this). Which is a form of voting I generally disapprove of, yet indulge in to a very limited extent. (I think a lot of people do this.)

I personally think the vote allocation is a bit wrong. The saints who attend have a far disproportionate voting power over new users and the list grows longer all the time. When I made saint I think there were only 30 or 40 people on the list, now there are nearly three hundred!. The total voting power of the monastery has vastly increased just there, especially when you consider that the reason people are saints is because they visit often and are thus at the very least presented with more opportunity to vote.

Given my choice I'd probably cut saints to 10 votes or so. I think this would reduce reputation inflation and make the rep more representative of the quality of the node. People wouldn't waste their votes generally on poor nodes if they had less to spend. And im sure I've said all this before. :-)


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