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My bad!

As you probably know TIMTOWTDI. When I had time to test what I had posted earlier I discoverd that it is generating raw statistics, counting EOL and everything. I am assuming that you want the statistics that are availabile from the properties of that document. The code below will do what you want.

I used the fuctions available within the application to do the work. This will usually work better for you when you are comunicating between applications.

And thanks for posting the code!
use strict; use Win32::OLE qw(in with); use Win32::OLE::Const 'Microsoft Word'; use Win32::OLE::Enum; # Here you have to call the file with " C:\dir\file.doc" # This will allow you to point the script anywere rather than # having to put the script into the dir with the file. die "Usage: perl test.doc" unless @ARGV == 1; my $Word = Win32::OLE->new( 'Word.Application', 'Quit' ) || die "Could +n't run Word"; my $Doc = $Word->Documents->Open(@ARGV[0]) || die "File does not exist + or can not be opened"; # Selection can be the entire doc or refined to a sub-set of text # It is easier to use the functions that exist in word to do the work. my $num_pages = $Doc->ComputeStatistics(wdStatisticPages); my $num_paragraphs = $Doc->ComputeStatistics(wdStatisticParagraphs); my $num_lines = $Doc->ComputeStatistics(wdStatisticLines); my $num_words = $Doc->ComputeStatistics(wdStatisticWords); my $num_chars = $Doc->ComputeStatistics(wdStatisticCharacters); my $num_charWs = $Doc->ComputeStatistics(wdStatisticCharactersWith +Spaces); printf "Page Count %d\n", $num_pages; printf "Character (paragraphs) %d\n", $num_paragraphs; printf "Line Count %d\n", $num_lines; printf "Character (words) %d\n", $num_words; printf "Character (with spaces) %d\n", $num_charWs; printf "Character (wout spaces) %d\n", $num_chars; $Doc->Close;