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Ok ! Here's my first JAPH...

Not so complicated, but I think the idea could be enhanced...

Any comments/ideas/enhancement are WELCOME !!!

if (!$c) { # let's have fun ! $c='FOO'; # bar?? open($c,$0) or die "can't open $0"; # So, now we do it clean? @c=sort {length($b)<=>length($a)}<$c>; # here is the key ! $c=join"",@c;chomp $c; # quite classical. $c=~s/sort.*?(<\$.*)/$1$2/g; # bit of magic ? eval "$c"; # Abracadabra !!! }#It's over... die unless ($you=="understood???"); $why = 'try it for I can Justify my rant' ; $seeker=='Arhuman' and $Fools=='others'; $Perl = 'my way to Hack, my way to think'; $_ =substr($c,381,1+2+1+15+15+50+43+50+19+25+100+6+10); if (length()<30){s/(.*)/\n\n$1\n\n/;print} s,^(.{12}).{05}(....).....{10}(....).*,$1 $2 $3er,s; s,^(....).{31}(..)..............{4}(....*),$1 $2$3,s;

In case of it doesn't work : The layout is VERY important.
Some Netscape users reported a problem after copying/pasting, if you get a weird message, please check that you don't have an extra blank line (there are only 3 blank lines)

UPDATE : Doesn't seems to work on Windows...
I'm working on it..

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