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Problems? Is your data what you think it is?

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Not what you might think it is...

#!perl -w use strict;$|++;my$X=1;my$Y=5;if (shift){$X=3;$Y=6;}@_=split(m//, " \\;'\@0");splice@_=>2,0=>"";my $racer=q!s/(.)/$-=3**$;++;$=+=$-*$1 /goSpeedgo!; $racer=~tr/Spdx//d;sub or() {while($$=~m(((\d{2,3})*((?<!^)(([^\n]{3})))[A-Z]*))g) {$==$; =$^S;($_=$5gt$3?$ 4gt$5?$1 :$2:$1) =~y.\.\-_.120.; eval$racer;$@=() ;($^[.= chr ($= +65))=~y[\[][ ] =~y!\!!\!\!!d;} $==chop ($==hex( $=));for(split (m=\x51==>$^[)){ ($@->{qq {$_[++$/ ]\n}}=$_)=~y (JXZ)(.!@);}$/= chr$/+--$/; $$="";$?= 16;$:=chop($:= '$|');$.=-6;my $d=" "x22;my$JAPH=reverse"JustAnotherPerlHacker ";$%=-25; my@S=(30,65,17,72,21,7,41,5,62,8,65,84,1,12,12,57,46,4,16); my$M5= "O-O";$-=-7; my $C= $:." "x(22) .$:;$;=chop$JAPH;{for(1..$?) {$^X=$d;for(1 ..rand($X )+1){substr($^X,rand(22),1)= "*";}if(++$%> 1 and rand ($Y) <1){substr($^X,rand(19), 3," $; ");} unshift@$, ++$.<1?"$:$d$:":"$:$^X$:";}$? =1;($C=pop@$) =~s/[BN]/ /g;substr($C,$=,3,$M5);print"\n"x$S[0];for(1..15 ){print"\040\040\040\040\040$$[$_-1]\n";}printf"\040\040"; printf "\040\040"; printf "\040$C T"; printf "%c%d%cM:%d%c" ,58,time-$^T,32, ++$-,32*1; printf "B:$S[7]\040\b \b\b\bN%c%d\40" ,58,$S[12]; printf "S%c \b%s%c\n" ,58,$S[17], 867 +5309-6144; printf "\40\40\040%c" ,32; print"\40" ,"_"x(24)," \040\40\040\40\b\040$$\n\n";$JAPH or$a=~s/[^\@]/0/g;!$JAPH and $a=~s/(.).{0,}/$1\n/;$@->{"\\\n"} =~s/(([^ ]+)( ))(.*)/ printf "%s%s%s%s",$1 #$+=$- ;chop($JAPH); ,join( $_[0],@_[3..4] ),$3,$4/oe;last if$a;$S[10-9] =time; $a=<>; next if $!+=time -$S[1] and time-$S[1] >3 and $a= "'\n";next if($a=~/^;$/and defined$=-- and $C !~s/[^$:]$M5([ Z]{0})/$M5 /)or ($a=~/^'$/and $=++and$C!~/$M5[^$:]/)or($a=~/^;;$/and$S[17]and defined ($=-=2)and--$S[17]and$C!~/[^$:]{2}$M5/)or($a=~/^''$/and$S[17] and $= +=2and--$S[17] and $C!~ /$M5[^$:]{2}/ )or($a=~ / /and$S[7] and substr($$[-1], $=,3," ")and --$S[7]&& 0);{if($a=~/n/i and$S[12]) { --$S[12];my$i= 15-1;$$[$i --]=~s/[^$:]/ /g while$i> 15-5}$$[-1]=~ /^.{$=}(?:p ){0}(.{3})/;next if($_= $1)=~/\*/and$a= "Q"; if($_=~ /[^ ]/){$$.=$;lt'a'? " $;":$;;my$J=chop ($JAPH); for( @$){s/$;/$J/;}next unless$JAPH; $; =$J;$S[rand(17)+3]++; }undef$a;last;}redo;}$@->{"0\n"}.=$!+$-;$a=~s{[;']{1,2}}{;}g; exists$@->{$a}or$a=$/;print"$@->{$a}\n";exit;}$$-=$$;while (<DATA>){m/#+/and &or or($$.=$_)=~s/[\n ]//mg;}__DATA__ -_-__-.._---...---___..._._---__-_-.___-__.._.-.-__--. _____-.-_-.-----_.-..-..._.----..-_-._-----._-..--.--- ._-.-____._----._____--.--..._-_.-.-.-._---..-_----_._ --.-.._.-.._-----.--__-_.- _._-----..- ._-._---._-. -_.._----__ -_. --_- ._-._-.-.-. ._- -..- ..---__--_. -....--.---- _---..-_--- -..-.._--..._---..____._-. ._...---.__ _-----___---_-_--.-_-.._-.-.-._-..._--.-_..--._--_---. ...__-._-..__-.__.-__-.._...-._---..-_----..---_...-.- ---_---..-_----_-_-..._----___---__--__-..--..._----.. -._--- #

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