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Nice, but if you want your class methods to use the class variables, you have to use the getters and setters as well.
I now use your code adjusted like this (also taken the point of misterb101.
package person; use strict; use Carp qw(croak cluk); { my @attributes = (qw/NAME AGE/); sub new { my $type = shift; my $class = ref $type || $type; DEBUG => 1, # Values 0, 1, 2 (0ff, self, include chi +lds) @_ }; my %DataStorage = map { $_ => undef } @attributes; my $self = sub { my ($name, $arg) = @_; #internal setter is able to create variables and getter-se +tter my @caller = caller; if (!exists $DataStorage{$name} && $caller[0] eq $DataSto +rage{CLASSNAME}) { $DataStorage{$name} = $arg; } croak "Method '$name' unknown for class $DataStorage{CLASS +NAME}" unless exists $DataStorage{$name}; $arg and $DataStorage{$name} = $arg; $DataStorage{$name}; }; #### convenience methods are denined here... for my $method ( keys %DataStorage ) { no strict 'refs'; *$method = sub { my $self = shift; $self->( $method, @_ ); }; } bless $self, $class; $DataStorage{DEBUG} = $arg->{DEBUG}; return $self; } } sub salute { my $self = shift; print "Hello, I'm ", $self->NAME, " and I'm ", $self->AGE, "!\n"; # and i'm allowed to set my own object-variable "toes" $self->("TOES",5); print "I've got " . $self->("TOES") . " toes on each foot."; } 1;
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