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I'm not familiar with Tk, but I think he was trying to get you to do something more like this:

#! c:\perl\bin -w use strict; use Tk; my $mw=new MainWindow; $mw->minsize(qw(250 150)); $mw->title(" Tk Test 1 "); my $body=$mw->Frame(-background=>'cyan')->pack(side=>'bottom', -fill=> +'x'); my $fr1=$body->Frame(-background=>'magenta')->pack(side=>'top', -fill= +>'x'); my $txt='hi'; $fr1->Label(-textvariable=>\$txt, -background=>'yellow', -foreground=> +'red')->pack(-fill=>'y'); sleep 5; change('foo', $fr1, $mw); sleep 5; change('bar', $fr1, $mw); MainLoop(); sub change { my ($new_txt, $fr1, $mw)=@_; $txt = $new_txt $fr1->pack(-fill=>'y'); $mw->update; }

Again, I'm not a Tk guy, but I think the $txt variable gets tied to the label, so you just want to update the variable and get the label to refresh itself.

Update: Just tested it here, and yup, it replaces the old label.

Update 2: Fixed code formatting.

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