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I've packed everything you'll need for DBD::AnyData (except DBI) into AnyData-Standalone It will allow you to install all of the pre-required modules (all maintained by me, BTW) with only FTP access. Here's the README for AnyData-Standalone:
AnyData::Standalone -- install AnyData without make or compile


 This package includes all of the files needed to install AnyData
 and DBD::AnyData.  It is *only* for extreme cases where you can't
 use CPAN or PPM or manual install (for example if you only have
 FTP access to a server or you are installing onto a PDA or other
 limited environment).  If you are using this package to avoid
 learning how to install modules, please don't do that.  Learn to
 install modules, it will really, really help you in the long run.


 Unpack this package in the desired location (or unpack it locally and
 then FTP the resulting MyLib directory to the final location).  In
 scripts that call the modules put this at the top:

     use lib 'path/MyLib';   # path = wherever you unpacked MyLib

 This package does not include DBI.  If you want to use DBD::AnyData,
 you'll need to install DBI separately.  DBI also has a Pure Perl
 version that can be installed without compile or make, see the DBI
 and DBI::PurePerl docs for further info.


     AnyData        0.08
     DBD::AnyData   0.06
     DBD::File      0.22
     SQL::Statement 1.005

 The documentation for each module is included with the module, use
 perldoc <module_name> or just read the pod section in a text viewer
 or look up the docs online at

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