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#!/usr/bin/perl # # # Gir IRC Bot # # Author: Wraithnix ( # Version: 0.1 # Web: # # This script is released under the # GNU General Public License. # More information on the GPL can be found # at # # Usage: perl <config file, optional> # # Description: # GirBot is an IRC bot written to Perl to be # a "skeleton" for other Perl IRC bots. That # is to say, all of the hard work (connection, # configuration, etc.) is already done, but not # much else. Unchanged, all GirBot does is connect # to an IRC server and print any data it receives to # STDOUT. # GirBot uses configuration files to store all of # its settings. These are basically like INI files # w/o sections. They are formatted like this: # # <setting>=<value> # # Any lines that start with a hash mark ("#") are # considered comments and are ignored. # A GirBot config file must have at least 5 settings: # nick, altnick, ident, port, and server. # # People wanting to use GirBot as a base for their # own bots are going to want to look at modifying # two subroutines: on_public() and on_msg(). # These two subs handle public (channel) messages # and private messages respectively, and are called # every time a bot receives a message. # use strict; use Net::IRC; # ============ # SUPPORT CODE # ============ # GetSetting # Arguments: setting to retrieve,configuration file # Returns: The setting value, or "" if it doesn't exist # Description: Use this sub to load values # from a configuration file. # Settings are stored in this format: # <setting>=<value> sub GetSetting { my ($setting,$config_file)=@_; open(CFGFILE,"<$config_file") or die "Can't open configuration file ($config_file)"; my @slist=<CFGFILE>; foreach my $selem (@slist) { if (index($selem,"#")==0) { next; } my @ln=split("=",$selem); if ($ln[0] =~ /$setting/i) { chomp $ln[1]; return $ln[1]; } } close CFGFILE; } # ============= # MAIN BOT CODE # ============= # Set our configuration file my $configuration_file = "gir.cfg"; # You can start the bot with a config file as a # commandline argument. Without the argument, # the bot loads its settings from "gir.cfg", in # the same directory as the bot. if($#ARGV==0) { $configuration_file=$ARGV[0]; } # Now, we can load in our script's settings my $cfg_nick=GetSetting("nick",$configuration_file); my $cfg_altnick=GetSetting("altnick",$configuration_file); my $cfg_ident=GetSetting("ident",$configuration_file); my $cfg_port=GetSetting("port",$configuration_file); my $cfg_server=GetSetting("server",$configuration_file); # Just about all of the settings are "strings", except # for the "port". Let's make sure that that setting # is numerical, and if not, set it to the most common # port, 6667: if($cfg_port=~/\D/) { $cfg_port=6667; } # Now that all of our settings are loaded in, # let's create the IRC object my $irc = new Net::IRC; print "Creating connection to IRC server..."; my $conn = $irc->newconn(Server => "$cfg_server", Port => $cfg_port, Nick => "$cfg_nick", Ircname => "$cfg_ident", Username => "$cfg_ident") or die "Can't connect to IRC server."; print "done!\n"; # With that out of the way, let's create # some subs for our object handlers # What our bot will do when it finishes # connecting to the IRC server sub on_connect { my $self = shift; print "*** Connected to IRC.\n"; } # This sub will print various # incoming date while we're still # connecting to IRC sub on_init { my ($self, $event) = @_; my (@args) = ($event->args); shift (@args); print "*** @args\n"; } # This sub will handle what happens when the # bot receives public (channel) text. sub on_public { my ($self, $event) = @_; my @to = $event->to; my ($nick, $mynick) = ($event->nick, $self->nick); # Sender text, +Bot nick my $host=$event->host; # Sender's hostname my ($arg) = ($event->args); # The message # Here's where we want to "parse" channel text print "<$nick> $arg\n"; } # This sub will handle what happens when the # bot receives private message text sub on_msg { my ($self, $event) = @_; my ($nick) = $event->nick; # Message Sender my ($arg) = ($event->args); # Message Text my $host=$event->host; # Here's where we want to "parse" message text print " - $nick - $arg\n"; } # This sub will get triggered if our bot's nick # is taken, setting it to our alternate nick. sub on_nick_taken { my ($self) = shift; $self->nick($cfg_altnick); } # Now that all of our handler subs are created, # let's install them print "Installing local handlers..."; $conn->add_handler('public', \&on_public); $conn->add_handler('msg', \&on_msg); print "done!\nInstalling global handlers..."; $conn->add_global_handler([ 251,252,253,254,302,255 ], \&on_init); $conn->add_global_handler(376, \&on_connect); $conn->add_global_handler(433, \&on_nick_taken); print "done!\n"; # Everything's installed, so there's nothing # holding up back from starting up! $irc->start;

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