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document.write('"hello Fred\'s world"');
works fine as does the excessively complex '"hello \"Fred\'s world\" "'

This means that you can safely do a s(["'])/\$1/g server side thingy and all is OK. You can also do most perl regexen in javascript. However there is a bug in IE that means that string.split(/(?:a|b)/) causes the JS engine to stop - although string.split(/(a|b)/) does work ok. On the other hand in Mozilla string.split(/(a|b)/) crashes the browser - this is a known bug and may be fixed in 1.2 - which makes cross-browser support somewhat problematical! However the example below works fine

ss = ", (?:\S+\. )*"; sre = (document.all)?/, (\S+\. )*/:new RegExp(", (?:\\S+\\. )*"); // later on a = data.split(sre );
update The mozilla bug is 163323


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