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Hello dear esteemed monks,

Sometimes I wish I could do something along the lines of

my $sth = $dbh->prepare("SELECT, f.baz FROM foo f WHERE f.???"); $sth->execute({ bar => 42});

I.e. pass a hash instead of individual values (thus ??? instead of just ? for 1 value). Also I want to be able to write

{ var => (value > 5) & (value <= 10) }

instead of a single value, specifying a complex criteria that would unfold into a proper WHERE statement (or part of it).

I was able to create a prototype module implementing (to some extent) the latter and minimally the former. However, maybe there's an already existing solution on CPAN? The size of DBIx:: namespace is far beyond my comprehension, so I seek help here.

Looks like SQL::Abstract does something similar... Are there more precise matches? And yes, I love the ability to write SQL queries by hand (or ask a DBA to), it's just substitution of criteria that I find inconvenient.

Thank you, and hope you have a nice day!

In reply to Module for substituting complex criteria into hand-written SQL queries by Dallaylaen

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