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In order to reproduce your symptoms, if one of the START tokens doesn't start in column 1 (right at the beginning of the line), then then it wouldn't be recognized and that record would be skipped.

I made some slight changes to allow for START and END not being at the beginning of the line. Also, I eliminated the use of the "comma operator" in the sub's while statement in favor of an "and" statement. This should handle the case of a malformed record missing an "END" at the end of the DATA a bit better.

Your DATA as posted does indeed work as hippo demonstrates. This code should work on any Perl >= 5.6 - nothing "fancy" about it.

This is a very exacting business and when making a bug report, please post exactly the DATA that causes the problem, verbatim.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; while (<DATA>) { process_record() if /^\s*START/; } sub process_record { my $line; while (defined ($line = <DATA>) and $line !~ /^\s*END/) { print "$line" } print "\n"; #a printout spacer for next record } __DATA__ XXXX YYYY START These are the first set of lines which are to be extracted END START New line And new Will be extracted? END XXX ZZZ YYY START These are the second set of lines which are to be extracted END aasds tteret tertetr
As a comment, this malformed "START" record problem applies to all of the code in this thread. This is not unique to my code. "  START" vs "START" is my best guess as what you did wrong in your DATA.

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