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Thanks vr for the answer!

Your answer has made me understand why, I several times "found" limitations, on what can be an argument to Regexp Quote Like Operators.

The (useless here) "c" modifier in combination with other errors have fooled me. I have also erroneously thought that the string used in $str =~ m{$pat} could not change during the match.

The error message "Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//)" has made me believe that the input was the problem. Not the value after one or more matches.

use strict; use warnings; use 5.010; use Data::Dump qw(dump dd ddx); use Test::More; sub match { # $pat, $str_ref warn "\nmatch", dump @_; my $pat = $_[0]; my $str_ref = $_[1]; my @res; say STDERR '$str_ref before loop: ', dump $str_ref; while ( my $rv = $$str_ref =~ m{$pat}g ) { say STDERR 'in loop: ', dump $str_ref, $rv, @{^CAPTURE}; push @res, @{^CAPTURE}; } say STDERR 'match: ', ( dump @res ), "\n"; return @res; } sub spliT { # $pat, $str_ref warn "\nspliT", dump @_; my @rv = split $_[0], ${ $_[1] }; say STDERR 'split: ', ( dump @rv ), "\n"; return @rv; } $_ = 'ERROR?'; /(.+)/; # set $1 my $match_OK = [ ':', ':' ]; my $split_OK = [ "a", ":", "b", ":", "c" ]; is_deeply [ match( qr{(:)}, \'a:b:c' ) ], [ ':', ':' ], q{\'a:b:c'}; my $dollar1_ref; { my $str = 'a:b:c'; $_ = $str; /(.+)/; $dollar1_ref = \$1; warn "\n\$dollar1_ref: ", dump $dollar1_ref; is_deeply [ match( qr{(:)}, $dollar1_ref ) ], $match_OK, q{$dollar +1_ref}; warn "NOK because \$\$dollar1_ref is changed by m{}\n"; warn "\n\$dollar1_ref: ", dump $dollar1_ref; is_deeply [ spliT( qr{(:)}, $dollar1_ref ) ], $split_OK, q{spliT( qr{(:)}, $dollar1_ref)}; warn "\n\$dollar1_ref: ", dump $dollar1_ref; warn "\n ===== leave scope"; } warn "\n\$dollar1_ref: ", dump $dollar1_ref; # $dollar1_ref = \undef # is_deeply [ match( qr{(:)}, $dollar1_ref ) ], $match_OK, q{$dollar1_ +ref}; # is_deeply [ spliT( qr{(:)}, $dollar1_ref ) ], $split_OK, # q{spliT( qr{(:)}, $dollar1_ref}; done_testing(); __DATA__ output: match(qr/(:)/, \"a:b:c") at line 17. $str_ref before loop: \"a:b:c" in loop: (\"a:b:c", 1, ":") in loop: (\"a:b:c", 1, ":") match: (":", ":") ok 1 - \'a:b:c' $dollar1_ref: \"a:b:c" at line 51. match(qr/(:)/, \"a:b:c") at line 17. $str_ref before loop: \"a:b:c" in loop: (\":", 1, ":") match: ":" not ok 2 - $dollar1_ref # Failed test '$dollar1_ref' # at line 53. # Structures begin differing at: # $got->[1] = Does not exist # $expected->[1] = ':' NOK because $$dollar1_ref is changed by m{} $dollar1_ref: \"a:b:c" at line 56. spliT(qr/(:)/, \"a:b:c") at line 31. split: ("a", ":", "b", ":", "c") ok 3 - spliT( qr{(:)}, $dollar1_ref) $dollar1_ref: \"a:b:c" at line 60. ===== leave scope at line 61. $dollar1_ref: \"ERROR?" at line 64. 1..3 # Looks like you failed 1 test of 3.

I am a little bit surprised that split could handle split $_[0], ${ $_[1] };

Thank you very much!!

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