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I have a feeling i'm going to feel stupid when I see the answer, however I have tried and searched to no avail. I have created a lib and blessed an object which contains a hashref. All was going well until I tried to use it. I have left out... most but this is the important stuff. The buffer hash is used to hold line by line input until an XML beginning and end is matched for each client system.

Found stupid answer... nested hashref is not allowed with shared.

I created a meditation, RFC: Bi-directional multi-client non-blocking TCP server/client, based on the working code which spawned this question.

use Data::Dumper; use Carp; use threads; sub new { my $class = shift; croak "Port number required" unless(@_); my $port :shared = shift; my %buffer :shared; my %self :shared = ( 'port' => \$port, 'buffer' => \%buffer, ); bless(\%self, $class); threads->create('_RXserver', \%self)->detach(); return \%self; } sub _RXserver { local *__ANON__ = '_RXserver'; my $self = shift; # $self->{'buffer'}->{''} = 'value'; #works $self->{'buffer'}->{''}->{'read'} = 'value'; #fails print Dumper $self; }

In reply to Accessing hash in blessed object by glenn

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