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Hi Billy, I'm using AP as well, but the ppm is trying to connecdt to the modlue repository you have chosen, so please read the the ActivePerlDoc, e.g. "..Perl\html\faq\ActivePerl-faq2.html" for detailed information, especially the section about proxies and firewalls. So the reason seems simply to be, that ppm is looking for the modules in a different location than you do.
so try following:
PPM>install \location DIR PACKAGE
where "DIR" specifies the directory on your system, but instead of givibg this "DIR" you can also pass an URL here.
to read more, use "PPM>help install"
So far ..

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RE: Re: PPM please!!
by Billy (Novice) on Sep 20, 2000 at 17:14 UTC
    Hi thanks for the reply.
    I have tried what you suggested but it still does not seem to work. What I did was:

    PPM>install --location= Net-Daemon.ppd

    and also


    Does it work when you execute this command?
    I think I will have a read of the perlmonth article pointed out by Ugly below!