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Re: Re: Re: Can a Pontiff become an initiate in one night?

by l2kashe (Deacon)
on Feb 06, 2004 at 17:34 UTC ( #327156=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: Can a Pontiff become an initiate in one night?
in thread Can a Pontiff become an initiate in one night?

The best way to handle something you don't like, is not to make a show about it, but rather to ignore it. This is the way the "real world" works best. The proper analogy is unhappiness in the work place. It's better to let things slide than to make a big deal about them. One should only post when he cares to post, and not worry about what he posts. That's a community.

I have to bite, this grates so bad. I'm sure I am misreading what you are saying, but feel like providing some feedback.

If you don't agree/like/understand something the *WORST* thing to do is ignore it. That is truely the path to destruction. Simply ignoring an issue can lead eventually to extreme apathy and worst case bad decision making, _especially_ in the work place.

If you don't like something, figure out why you don't like it, and what the proper course of action is. Does it require a change in the way you think or interact with your environment? If so can you deal with the repercussions of altering how you fit in that environment and remain "happy"? If so, make the changes and see how things go. If you don't think you can maintain in the environment post change is there something else you could do, that would make it ok? If so change and see how it goes. If you want something to change, and that change *requires* changes from someone else the approach could be fundamentally flawed, depending on the environment. I.e A change which requires your peergroup to change as well is unreasonable in most cases. This is in comparison to requiring change of people you are responsible for (i.e employees, your children, etc).

In the case of the topic for this thread, the monk in question didn't like the system, so made a change in their environment, which allows them to maintain, with the smallest impact to the rest. It's not like they went on an anti-XP vandetta, nor simply up and left due to their attatchment to the community.

I personally feel it takes a far stronger person to stand up and implement a change in their modus operendi, than to simply ignore a situation and maintain. Again personal opinion is if far less people simply ignored what they didn't like/understand the world would be a far better place. But that is just me.

My 2 cents, for what its worth. Also note this isn't so much directed at you, as it is simply a counterpoint to the apathetic tone I read from the initial paragraph.

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