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I'd rather see them by (reverse) date, or better yet by threading

Ooh, good ideas. Although I imagine threading would be more difficult since this is coming out of a relational database..

And I'd rather see that as an option when searching for nodes by an author...

Fine by me, although I suspect it'll be the same engine behind it.

I'd like to not have all the perlman pages show up so often
As a configurable option. Sometimes that's just what you're looking for.

I meant that as a comment that they show up inexplicably. I had many man pages show up when I looked for running with scissors. Neither "running" nor "scissors" were there. (And I imagine that "with" is in a lot more posts that I got as returns.)

Of course, not all posts have a reputation (like perlman)--where would these fit into the rep sort?

If they are showing up as a result for good reason (see above), then I'd say they should be ranked first. The Perl man pages are great, as long as they have some relevance to what you seek.