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RE: RE: cursebox v0.9 - switch{} coding style

by odie (Sexton)
on Sep 13, 2000 at 23:06 UTC ( #32326=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to RE: cursebox v0.9 - switch{} coding style
in thread cursebox v0.9 - "The Cursed Jukebox"

Well... As I said, it is version 0.9 and the code is a complete mess. The whole thing started as a sinple recursive hack that played every mp3 file found, using mpg123. I honestly didn't expect to continue building it... =)
I will naturally make the code a lot more efficient, and less spammy, and use strict. This code is still very much in a state of "hack". Version 1.0 will be posted when complete.
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