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Re: Re: J2EE is too complicated - why not Perl?(RDBMS and OO)

by autarch (Hermit)
on Dec 10, 2003 at 20:43 UTC ( #313863=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: J2EE is too complicated - why not Perl?(RDBMS and OO)
in thread J2EE is too complicated - why not Perl?

The primary author of the dbdebunk website places quotes he considers to highlight issues in understanding of the relational model by the unwashed. Fabin Pascal hates OODBMS and considers the whole of OO to be a dead end in computer science that should have been aborted awhile ago. He links to several sites critical of OO.

The main thing to take away from his criticisms, IMO, is that OO is not suitable for data management. OO as an application programming paradigm is not necessarily a bad thing, and Pascal doesn't really get into that area, since his interest is in data management.

... then a equally loaded RDBMS(or as Pascal would rather put an SQLDBMS)

By saying this, are you trying to imply that there's no difference? There is a huge difference. You may not know what makes them different, but you cannot equate the two.

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Re: J2EE is too complicated - why not Perl?(RDBMS and OO)
by Anonymous Monk on Dec 10, 2003 at 21:35 UTC
    My post was simply meant to be my impressions about the strength and feel of Fabin Pascal's position, not the correctness of his position. My (admittedly limited) understanding of situation is that all implamentations< sp? > that call them self a Relational Database Management system are not Truly relational. They do not allow complete set operations on the information in them. As such they do not correctly or fully use the Relational Model.

    My statement about how Fabin Pascal thinks of OO is based on the links he has resently added to dbdebunk and some resent replies. He crusades against what he preceives as buzz word and hype of his (Database tool) industary. This is a good thing. And I feel he has some extremely valid points about so called OODBMS and the superority of the Relational Model, but he (Mr Pascal) comes across as arrogant. This is what I am mainly getting at: he is so focused on correctiong what is he think is wrong, and so blunt about it you have to be wary that you come away from his writings with only that he's a jerk.

    I tried really hard to give my impressions of the Fabin Pascal and neutral on the database issues (other then relate my personal experence with OODBMS which was not good at all). I was not intending to offend.
    MADuran (Who needs to go home and change his password to something he will remember)

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