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Re: Rapid GUI Creation

by teabag (Pilgrim)
on Dec 09, 2003 at 17:40 UTC ( #313463=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Rapid GUI Creation

Monk brother set_uk,
For rapid GUI creation I allways use PDesign
UPDATE: Well, I did use it. But that darn site changed and the program is gone.

PDesign stands for Visual Perl/Tk-Designer. It's Freeware (doh)- and helps you quickly design the layout and positioning of Perl-Tk forms. Very handy and pretty intuitive. Downside is, it runs on windows ;(
But don't let that drag you down. It saved me shitloads of time.

Hmm, I did find Tikiartist and it sounds like it's almost the same thing.

Good luck set_uk,

Sure there's more than one way, but one just needs one anyway - Teabag

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Re: Re: Rapid GUI Creation
by set_uk (Pilgrim) on Dec 09, 2003 at 19:23 UTC
    Thanks for all your answers.
    I'm still looking for the combination of Oracle, Solaris and free. :-) Oracle because the database is.
    Solaris because thats out platform and I cant port to Windows because the hasn't been released for Windows.
    Free - because it would be good if it was.
    I did think about writing a server process that a windows client could connect to to trigger the expect part of the app that ran on unix. But I do try and stop myself making things too complex - sometimes. Simon
      Well, not a Perl answer, but I use PHP for this sort of thing all the time. It runs on *nix, has built-in Oracle support, and is open source.

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