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Do you know where your variables are?


by perlfan (Priest)
on Dec 08, 2003 at 22:54 UTC ( #313292=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I like Perl. I have met many Perl Monks in person, including - qw/blokhead gwadej rurban boftx mr_mischief brian_d_foy will_the_chill JedClampett mjg liz davido genehack hanenkamp LanX/.

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Perl Weekly Challenges in Perl News
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by perlfan
on Jun 15, 2020 at 00:28
    I followed the link to r/perl and was pleasantly surprised to see a link to "Perl Weekly Challenges" that seems to be quite active.

    I never participated in the Perl golf on account of me being totally lost or the Perl programming challenges of yore, but I was pretty active with the Pull Request Challenge when it was going. I got a lot out of it and I strongly encouraged any Perl programmers at $WORK I happened to be mentoring at the time to get involved. Some did, and it was very beneficial for them as well.

    In any case, it's no PRC but it looks like the PWCs have been active for quite a few months. Not sure if this is news, but it is new to me. And I don't see how it's fake even tho I found it on leddit, so here you go!

    Update - PRC is back, it seems!! Pull Request Club covered in a lightning talk, Kivanc Yazan - State of Pull Request Club - Lightning Talks - Day 2.

Perl talk topics bank on Github in Meditations
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by perlfan
on Jul 13, 2014 at 12:12
    After YAPC, I had a thought that it'd be cool to start a bank of Perl talk topics that would be of interest for various audiences.

    The primary use I can think is that for someone who likes to give Perl talks and wants to give a talk (about anything), they may consult this list to find something that strikes their fancy.

    Perl Talk Topics Bank on Github

    Another user could be someone who would give a talk if they knew that something about which they felt comfortable talking was of interest to other people, they may step up.

    The immediate problem being solved here is a local one - at we're constantly asking the mailing list for topics or speakers to volunteer. Even though it is a local topics bank (act locally, right?), I'd like to get ideas from anyone willing to contribute.

    Eventually, I'd like to make this a list that is appropriate for any event or meeting where people talk about Perl and the interesting things we're doing with it.

    If you're uncomfortable with forking, editing, and issuing a pull request; please just create an issue with the topics you'd like to add.

    Hope to see you contribute to the topics list.

    Thank you!

Larry Wall at HOPL III in Meditations
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by perlfan
on May 26, 2011 at 18:02
    This is from quite a few years ago, but if anyone has access to the ACM Digital Library, you can see LPW participate in a panel discussion with some leading academics.

    Click on the table of contents - it's towards the end. There are a lot of other interesting talks and papers there, too.

11th annual State of the Onion in Perl News
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by perlfan
on Dec 06, 2007 at 14:33
LW Lays Down Hammer on XML in Perl 6 "Core" in Perl News
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by perlfan
on Nov 29, 2007 at 13:00
    It is not up in the thread yet in the thread at perl6-language@ archives, but LW let's his opinion be known - and provides some insight into Perl 6 (for the rest of us) all at the same time.

    When I see his post up in the archives, I'll link directly do it. In the meantime:

    (direct link)
    On Wed, Nov 28, 2007 at 07:52:31PM +0100, James Fuller wrote: : On Nov 28, 2007 7:39 PM, Andy Armstrong <> wrote: : > On 28 Nov 2007, at 18:28, James Fuller wrote: : > : > > A few things I could imagine; native XML data type (and whatever + that : > > means at this late stage) .... : > : > What might that mean at any stage? : : from a syntactic point of view, here are 2 interesting examples of : representing XML in a programming context : : : : and : : : : there is lots to learn here. There's lots to unlearn here too. You give two examples of language initiatives that attempt to mesh XML with other language. Fine, that sort of linguistic innovation has been going on since the dawn of computers. Now what if you want to use both of those languages together? How are they related to each other? What's they're pedigree, and whose rules are in operation where? How can you even consistently tell by inspection of the text which language is intended at the top? These are questions Perl 6 is addressing. It will be *trivial* to add syntax such as the above to Perl 6. But unlike the initiatives above, in Perl you always start out in Standard Perl 6 at the top and explicitly derive your new language from that by declaration. You can add a syntax like the above with a single "use" statement. Unlike the unrelated languages you mention, these syntactic variants are defined in terms of derivation from the standard Perl grammar, which merely functions as a base class of parsing methods. Let me put it this way. Not even the Standard Perl 6 syntax is core in the sense you're thinking of it. There are basically *no* reserved words in Perl 6. What appear to be keywords are only convenient sets of macros that fight it out under longest-token rules, and under those rules there are no distinctions whatsoever between built-in constructs and user-defined constructs. When you derive a new language you are merely adding to or subtracting from those sets of macros, and in the limiting case you can subtract all of them and start over. All is fair if you predeclare. Explicitly. And all of those explicitly derived languages can be considered "True Perl". Even those cluttered up with XMLisms. I'm not against use of XMLish syntax where appropriate, which will generally be when you want to send data somewhere portably. After all, I was the first to add an XML parser to Perl. But XML syntax makes a lousy programming language, and only a marginal data description language. And Perl 6 is not about getting trapped in the current fad, however popular it might be. In Perl 6 you have to declare explicitly that you want to be trapped by the current fad. :-) Larry
Perl Tops "Wide Finder" Results in Perl News
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by perlfan
on Nov 21, 2007 at 15:36
Perl 5.10 for People Who Aren't Totally Insane in Perl News
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by perlfan
on Nov 13, 2007 at 22:09
A follow up to "Question about recursively generated iterators" in Meditations
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by perlfan
on Oct 16, 2007 at 12:46
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