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The real thing that J2EE did wrong was to try to sell the lie that it made difficult programming the province of low-grade coders, and that it somehow made applications written by shitty programmers automatically good and correct and robust. Ultimately, they took the approach of trying to dumb down difficult concepts, as opposed to trying to simplify complicated tasks, and that is why J2EE is on the decline.

Bravo! I would have given you 2 ++s for that paragraph alone if I could:)

I do have a question though.

Object-relational mapping, for example, is generally very hard to abstract...

I don't disagree with that statement, but I do wonder about the efficacy of doing "Object-relational mapping" in the first place. I realise that RDBMSs are well-tried and easily (if not always cheaply) available, and most OODBMSs are little more than a less than complete veneer over an underlying RDBMS, but is inconceivable to have an object store that doesn't rely upon mapping to a relational DB engine?

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