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(PodMaster informs me that it's only included in ActivePerl. I haven't looked.)

I was going to claim this was incorrect, but then I checked. It seems it has been removed sometime since 5.6.1. (It used to be in the eg/ directory.) That's too bad, imho.

While you are blue-skying... and I really like the idea for MP3 handling... I think that the ID3 tag support should be provided by a separate module. (Maybe MP3::ID3Lib? That's not a recommendation, just a pointer.) If the module is not available and the user tries to use the ID3 related options, it should die with an error.

Not only does it make sense to leave out ID3 specific code from a general rename script, but designing it like this might also allow you to add special support for other file formats. For instance, I'd personally love support for using EXIF data in jpegs extracted via Image::EXIF or similar. (Again, not a recommendation; just a pointer.)

On a related note, it seems Johan Vromans has an mp3rename script on CPAN that uses ID3 tag info. Maybe it'll be helpful to look at it.

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